Improve your Health by the Power of Nature!


The Medicine of the 21st Century

What if I told you that I could prove to you through quantum mechanics and evidence based science in the medical field, that your body can tell me exactly how it is feeling, and what it would need to improve without you having to say a word?

It will tell me exactly everything from the obvious, to the deepest rooted emotional experiences which affect our mind, body and spirit, and from that, the body’s reaction to it.

Everything is energy, and by harnessing that energy in a coherent language, blended with nearly 4 decades of experience of traditional western medicine, to traditional chinese medicine, and everything in between, we are able to provide unique natural solutions to bring the body into a state of balance.

Health is a state of balance, not an absence of diseases!

Before any device is turned on, or any treatement is given, I spend my time to get to know you. I want to know your story.

Your story is your unique path through life that makes you who you are. By knowing that, I will allow you to paint a beautiful picture of who you are, what you have been through, and where you want to go.

From that point, I will let the science, experience in the medical field, and love for healing take over and provide solutions to the best of my abilities to heal you.


Distance Therapy:

Through Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Mechanics, I am able to perform a full Quantum Analysis whether you’re near or far

This 21st Century technology allows me to provide a full assessment to make sure you are in balance, and what areas that need improving.

While the COVID-19 virus has brought the world to a full lockdown with social distancing and self isolation at home, allow me to make sure you’re doing alright during this difficult period without having to leave home.

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Quantum Analysis

A complete analysis of the mind, body, and soul down to the deepest emotional spots of the universe.

Pulse Therapy

Using one of Nikola Tesla's inventions to permeate the deepest parts of the body to bring it back into balance.

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen is the escense of life. Ozone Therapy provides that boost of life your body needs to function at its highest of abilities.

Dry Needling

Our bodies take a battering in daily life. Dry needling allows us to get to the deepest of blockages of energies in the body and releasing it to work at full capacity and ease.

Frequency Therapy

Everything is energy that vibrates at their own frequency. Our frequency treatment focuses on specific parts of the body that need their frequency fine tuned.

Nature of Diseases: Chronic diseases are the result of wrong meaning by the mind to an event or experience in life.

In fact, how we feel about ourselves, as well as our thoughts and beliefs determine who we are and what kind of life we have.

To know more about the root of a condition/ disease and to treat or prevent that, it is therefore crucial to understand and evaluate different factors not only in the physical body, but also in the emotion, mind and spirit. Other considerations include the life style, environment, past traumas, various stagnations, unresolved emotional and mental factors and so on.

For this purpose, assessing and evaluating the energy signals of the body can help us magnificently to understand more. Energy is information and hence, the energy signals of the body can reveal a lot of details, including the quality of health, future threats and susceptibilities or predisposition to diseases to come!

Quantum Medicine, the medicine of the 21st century, is a body-mind-emotion-spirit philosophy approach to the concept of health and diseases. Unlike the conventional medical science, Quantum medicine could easily prove the influence of one’s feeling and beliefs in his surroundings and environment, including his life and health!

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